About Me

Hello Friends! The name given to me by my parents at birth is Karen Santos Rosenberg. You may know me as Karen Rosenberg, the girl who sits in the back of the class and barely raises her hand; or Karen Rosenberg, Key Club President. Contrary to popular belief there’s not much else to me. Key Club has become most of my life and inspired me to do what I love most, helping others. Although I don’t have much, I do realize that I have a whole lot more than the majority of the world. I have two loving parents, although they may not love eachother very much. I have a wonderful job tutoring bright and intelligent students at Mathnasium. I am involved with inspiring organizations and clubs like SAGE Club, SSA, and Youth and Government. I have out-of-this world friends that get me through life’s thick spots. I volunteer as much as I can, however I can, and wherever I can. I cannot describe the feeling I get when someone I help comes up to me to say those two simple yet oh so meaningful words, “Thank you.” Enough about Key Club. Computer science principles should be fun.Want to know more?.

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I will forever be alone, expect for BOBA!

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